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ADM Team Heavy Weight was founded by Peter Adams & Eric Hufkens, in B-Geel. ADM offers their customers a full service in transport to and from the EU countries to the North-Sea ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam


Construction of the RoRo-Terminal in B-Geel. This way ADM can provide transports by road and by water. A new company was founded, Roro-Trans with Mr. Jos Schonk as director.


ADM becomes a memeber of "The Heavy lift Group". It is a Group that provides transport solutions all over the world with members like Casco Logistics, Torbn Rafn, Riedl Group, Vandevlist, Biglift Shipping, Ruslan International and many more...


Share transfer from Peter Adams to Eric Hufkens and ADM becomes independent.
The RoRo-quay (located next to the ADM service center) remains in use of ADM as well as Adams but further coöperation
is not intended. Jos Schonk former director of Roro-Trans becomes logistic responsible for ADM Team Heavy Weight.


ADM Team Heavy Weight increases capacity. ADM gets 8 new trucks and 6 new trailers in 2008 - 2009.
Transport possibilities extend to payloads up to 120 tons. Larger payloads are still possible together with support of our partners.


A new service center was build next to the RoRo-quay in B-Westerlo. The new Service Center provides possibilities like stocking, packing and shipping of goods.
A new maintenance facility was build next to the Service Center, which gives us the possibility to work on our own vehicles and the ones of our customers.


ADM Team Heavy Weight can finally move to the new Service Center, Molenbergstraat 1, 2260 Westerlo.