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Construction and reconstruction of trucks and trailers

ADM Team Heavy Weight is continuously being challanged to find practical solutions to transport each exceptional load succesfully to its final destination.
Our mechanics contrived and created a large serie of modifications and adaptations through the years which have led to a lot of realizations which make our transports more efficient, more secure and less expensive.

We are happy to share the gathered knowledge with our transport colleagues. We offer a complete package of possibilities for the adaptation of their trucks and trailers at our working area. Regardless the brand, we make these vehicules more versatile for both exceptional and heavy transport. 

A pick out of our activities:

- Construction of torque saucers, sliding pieces and slidedirection

- Incorporating and construction of extradiesel tanks and tool boxes

- Construction of aid frames and aid chassis

- Extending and shortening of wheelbases

- Production and assembly of aluminum boxes and fuel tanks

- Build in of extra accessories such as air kettles, water tanks and large AdBlue tanks

Of course we carry out all adaptations according to the legal requirements and the valid European legislation.
Our mechanics repair beside modifications also all brands of trucks and trailers.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.